Alexander Saunders

Alexander Saunders

Nothing is impossible to him who will try. - Alexander the Great

About Alexander Saunders

Mr. Saunders is a creative inventor who serves as the Creative Director of Gallant, a global integrated boutique consulting firm and growth partner. With a proven track record in creative consulting, strategic planning, customer management and experience in various other domains, he continuously produces new creative campaigns, ideas and endeavors that our clients always benefit from. As a savant of imagination and copywriting, he’s able to specifically articulate abstract ideas in a way that near-anyone can understand. His proven ability to act as a chameleon in any industry ensures that for our clients, no customer is out of his reach.His Experience

With an extensive list of experience, Mr. Saunders thrives at creative solutions, adapting business environments, impressing clients with outstanding results whilst always maintaining a high standard. His personal approach to tackling customers' psychological roadblocks makes him a valuable asset in creating cracking results for any business or corporation.

His Experience

  • Managed multiple 8-figure campaigns/projects
  • A consistent leader in providing new and exciting concepts for clients
  • Have assisted in consulting for Fortune-500 companies
  • Deep expertise in copywriting whilst incorporating strategic thinking
  • Has been tackling the large issues/problem-solving for clients since 17 years old

His Skills

  • Creative Thinking, Marketing, Strategic Consulting, Copywriting, Problem-Solving, Teaching New Skills, Pushing the boundaries of thinking.