About us

About Gallant.

Welcome to Gallant, where we combine artistry, innovation, and strategic prowess to elevate your business to new heights. Delve into our story, explore our values, and unlock the potential that awaits.

Our story

How we came about.

Gallant stemmed from a sales and marketing agency that began in early 2017. We got really good at bringing people more business but quickly repositioned ourself as a boutique consulting firm due to the underlying business issues that was hindering our client's performance. Today, Gallant has worked with many start ups, several conglomerates and a couple Fortune 500 companies.

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Our values

The values that drive everything we do.

Our values form the cornerstone of our every endeavor. Understand the driving force behind our actions, and discover how our commitment to excellence shapes our approach to serving you.


Uncompromising excellence in all we deliver.


Laser precision for optimal outcomes.


Charting the path to industry eminence.


Ethical bedrock of our operations.


Devoted to your success, always.


Unleashing boundless possibilities.

Our locations

Shake our hand.

Begin with a firm handshake. Discuss business aspirations. Witness your vision unfold.

London, England UK
Lisbon, Portugal
West Palm Beach, Florida USA

Electrify your potential.

Channel Nikola Tesla's visionary spirit as we energize your business, propelling you towards a future of boundless innovation and remarkable success.