Massimo Sahin

Massimo Sahin

Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt. - Sun Tzu

About Massimo Sahin

Mr. Sahin is a visionary leader who serves as the CEO of Gallant, a global integrated boutique consulting firm and growth partner. With a proven track record in strategic leadership, marketing acumen, and expertise in various domains, he excels in overseeing and directing complex systems and endeavors, making them simpler, leaner, and more scalable. His ability to navigate the intersection of technology, business, and innovation enables him to drive transformative change and deliver influential outcomes for clients.

With a solid track record, Mr. Sahin thrives in challenging environments, consistently achieving outstanding results while maintaining high standards. His customer-centric approach, combined with his ability to navigate complex organizations and resources, makes him a valuable asset in driving success for any business or corporation.

His Experience

  • Successfully served top contenders in the global tech industry
  • Deep expertise in marketing acumen, data driven performance and strategic thinking
  • Adept Agency Consultant for Google Ads, delivering influential outcomes
  • Explored new frontiers in Meta machine learning, big data and AI during his tenure at Accenture
  • Embarked on a self-employment venture as a Growth & Performance Partner, acquiring project management and systems thinking skills at the age of 23

His Skills

  • Marketing Acumen, Strategic Consulting, Google Ads, Meta Algorithms, Machine Learning and AI, Project Management and Systems Thinking