Garrett Bratton

Garrett Bratton

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” - Henry Ford

About Garrett Bratton

Mr. Bratton is an agile, results-oriented business leader who has led various professional teams through uncharted waters in times of adversity and uncertainty.  He completed an accelerated MBA program at Harvard Business School in 2019 with Honors excelling in the top 15th percentile amongst peers.  His extensive background resides in the international business, consulting, blockchain, operations, technology, real estate, pharmaceuticals, and the business development sector.

His professional career started by founding a small sales and marketing agency that quickly evolved into a boutique consulting firm for diverse corporations due to underlying business issues that was hindering the growth of his clients.  He has proved himself to be a key asset on several innovative and disruptive projects around the world since.

His Experience

  • Founded a small sales and marketing agency in 2017 and transitioned the company into Gallant
  • Successfully scaled many startups and SME's beyond their apex
  • President of Business Development at Gracetree Investments in 2019
  • Consulted for Mezzion, a billion dollar pharma company for two years (C0RE Team, Investor Relations, IT)
  • Helped guide Neopharma US, part of a multi-billion dollar international consortium, through subchapter V, Chapter 11 restructuring in 8 months

His Skills

  • Strategic Consulting, Business Development, Systems and Operations, Team Building, Mergers & Acquisitions, Sales and Marketing